Viačeslavas Lelešius

By concluding a shareholders’ agreement, shareholders can avoid a situation where, in the event of a disagreement, the business comes to a standstill when neither party has enough votes to make decisions, e.g. profit distribution.

A particularly difficult situation arises when shareholders have equal votes and one of them is the manager of the company. The manager can then make decisions that benefit him and the other shareholder can do nothing.

Consider these questions

  • How the manager will be elected if there is a disagreement between the shareholders.
  • How the profit will be distributed in case of disagreement between the shareholders.
  • How to sell / buy company shares if shareholders can no longer work together.

How can we help

  • We may tailor a shareholder agreement to suit your individual circumstances.
  • We may offer a variety of solutions to what agreements shareholders can enter into.


Viačeslavas Lelešius


  • We usually prepare the shareholders’ agreement within ~ 5 working days.
  • Coordinating the agreement with the shareholders may require additional time.


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