Advance income tax

Updated 01.02.2024


Advance corporate income tax is payable quarterly on these dates 15.03 /15.06 / 15.09 / 15.12. The amount of the advance payment depends on the chosen calculation method. The following methods are available:

1. According to the profit of the previous year.

2. According to the profit for the following year.

If you forecast that the company’s profit in the current year will be lower than in the previous year, then the advance income tax will be lower using the 2nd calculation method.

If your accountant calculated the advance income tax using Method 1, consult with him about changing the method.

To change the method of calculating the tax, indicate this by submitting an advance income tax return. If you have already submitted a tax return for the first quarter and would like now to change your method, you can do so by resubmitting this tax return.



— Newly registered companies do not pay advance income tax for the first tax year. The tax is also not paid by companies whose taxable income in the previous tax period did not exceed EUR 300 000.

— The amount of advance income tax calculated on the basis of the expected profit must be at least 80% of the actual amount of annual income tax. If the forecasts are incorrect and the amount of the advance income tax is lower, the STI will charge interest.



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