If you change your accountant

What you need to know

— The accountant can be changed at any time, there is no need to wait for the end of the year.

— If you decide to change the accounting service company, agree on the termination of the contract (long notice periods may be provided).

— Agree on which last month the current accountant will handle and from which month the new accountant can start. Also, agree on which accountant will prepare the annual financial statements, as this often becomes a point of contention.

— If you decide to work with us, we will make sure that your accounting is transferred in an orderly manner.


How the transfer of accounting takes place

— We will contact your accountant and coordinate how he should prepare the accounting for the transfer.

— We will check whether the prepared accounting data meets the requirements.

— We will take over the data and documents and sign the transfer-acceptance deed.

— We can take over the accounting without your presence.



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