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Vidas Pošiūnas

How can we help

We can help foreigners get a Lithuanian residence permit for the purpose of doing business.

  • We will prepare the required documents (we will advise the individual on how to meet the migration requirements).
  • We will accompany our client to the migration authority.
  • We will support our client until the permit is issued (represent their interests at the migration authority, provide explanations and prepare additional documents).


Our solutions are tailored to foreign capital companies or their representative offices operating in Lithuania.

Solutions are possible for these circumstances:

  1. You are a shareholder or director of an active business.
  2. You are an employee paid a gross salary of at least 2.500 EUR.
  3. You are an employee or director of a branch of a foreign capital company.
  4. You are a tech start up wishing to do business in Lithuania.

We do not work with individuals who establish businesses in Lithuania for the sole purpose of getting a permit to live in Lithuania.

Teisininkas Vidas Pošiūnas


Vidas Pošiūnas


The process of getting a permit may take up to 3 months (1 month for document preparation, plus 2 months of review by the migration authority).

A Lithuanian residence permit is issued for a period of 2 years. After 2 years, the said permit may be renewed:

  • for an additional period of 1 year and only once for branch employees;
  • for an additional period of 2 years and for an unlimited number of times for business shareholders.

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