Ready made company in Lithuania


We will be glad to help you start a business in Lithuania. Professional people will advise you on tax and legal issues and provide with necessary service.






Terms & procedure


If you visit Lithuania:

If you do not visit Lithuania:




+ 100 EUR if you order your particular name of the company in foreign language.
+ 100 EUR if a buyer is legal entity.
+ 50 EUR for every other shareholder if company is sold for more than one buyer.
+ Translation and courier cost (if needed).



Additional services



First steps


You can also choose ready-made company in Lithuania from the list below:


“Musas”, UAB  


If you require a ready-made company in Lithuania with your particular name, we can incorporate such and transfer to you.




If you have further questions, please contact us + 370 5 243 0344,





Ready-made company in Lithuania






Viačeslav Vorobjov


Head of Legal Unit


+370 5 243 0344